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Universal Design for Learning
Equity Education and Anti-Oppression Frameworks

Going Beyond UDL

In this course, we go beyond UDL to examine the ways that intersecting experiences of privilegeOpens in a new window and oppressionOpens in a new window impact student learning in the learning environments and curriculumOpens in a new window that we design. We also reflect on our own lived experiencesOpens in a new window as educators, working face-to-face with learners, and as members of multidisciplinary communities sharing similar values and vision.

Reflecting on and designing curriculum that challenges oppressive barriers to learning for student demographics found in Ontario postsecondary institutions is no doubt daunting because it also calls into question the larger systems and processes beyond the curriculum that conserve the status quo. We are sure that many of you envisioned change in your Introduction post that may well require an institutional overhaul!

You may want to take a moment now to check back in on the Meet Your Learning Community DiscussionOpens in a new window. Speaking of future vision have a look at this visionary video:

A college professor shares his thoughts on UDL and college admission standards and processes2:09 min
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