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Universal Design for Learning


We’d like to begin this section by acknowledging the land we live on and the many Indigenous peoples who have lived here over time and live here today.

Video: Land Acknowledgment | George Brown CollegeOpens in a new window (Runtime: 0:29 min).

George Brown College is located within the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and other Indigenous peoples who have lived here over time. We recognize that we are located within the bounds of the Toronto Purchase Treaty No. 13 of 1805. We are grateful to share this land as treaty people who learn, work, and live in the community with each other.

Development of this iteration of the UDL certificate, Universal Design for Learning: Inspiring Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education, was funded by eCampus Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy. This course was led by Ravinder Brar, Manager, UDL Integration, who involved numerous others throughout the consultation, pilot, evaluation and implementation stages. In addition to Ravinder, the core development team consisted of three George Brown faculty members - Joanna Friend, Mandy Bonisteel, Jessica Paterson – and Megan Ewing, dedicated project manager. A special thank you to Susan Toews, Dean of the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies, for her persistent thought leadership and support of UDL at George Brown College.

We would also like to thank the following people for their invaluable contributions in shaping the UDL certificate:

Provincial Community Partners

Centennial College, Fleming College, OCAD University, and Northern College – Participants and key informants

Subject Matter Expert Consultants

Nadia Richards - Antiracism Integration Manager, George Brown’s Office of Anti-racism, Equity and Human Rights Services

Sasha Bogin - Curriculum Specialist and Chef School Professor, George Brown’s Office of Academic Excellence

Lori Budge - Educator and Counsellor, Liberal Arts and Sciences and George Brown’s Indigenous Education and Services

Wayne Nicholson, Stephanie Ozorio, Lucy Ross, Nancy Blanchard - Faculty in the School of Deaf and Deafblind Studies

Monique LeDrew, ASL -English Interpreter for College Employees and Events

Digital Strategy and Web Development

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George Brown College collaborators

The UDL Training Committee

The Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies

The Teaching and Learning Exchange – Heidi Marsh, Lazaros Simeon, Patricia Robinson, Ian Craine, Valerie Scovill

The Office of Academic Excellence –Juanita Wattam-Simeon, Daphne Bonar, Jen Porter

Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services

Accessible Learning Services

Counselling and Student Well-Being

eLearning & Teaching Innovation – Frank Rosa, Salvador Garcia-Martinez, Chilli Leung

Library Learning Commons

ITS Infrastructure & Operations-Jimi Rockley and Miguel Roman

And the over 500 participants who by this date have participated in the course, contributed ideas, personal stories, evaluations, and exemplars of the ways they use UDL and anti-oppressive practice in their work, and who continue now as colleagues supporting others in this important work.

Educators and students that appear in the videos

Andratesha Fritzgerald, Ashley Booth, Bhupinder Gill, Christa Lochead, Denise Nelson-Mogaji, Desi Di Nardo, Dorcas Solomon, Elizabeth Gowan, Griffin Epstein, Jason Inniss, Jeff Brown, Joanna Friend, Juana Gonzalez-Santos, Kay-Ann Williams, Lazaros Simeon, Maria Glass, Marta Wolniewicz, Mandy McCurdy, Morgan Law, Nadia Richards, Nico Abad, Sarika Narinesingh, Shelly Mehta, Sobia Jibran Rasheed, Taylor Anne Talmage, Warren Ford, Wayne Nicholson, Zeba Luxmore.

Video Production

Media Exchange, Video producer

IN Store GBC, Video producer

Evelyn Chan, Video producer

Jacob Thompson, Video editor

Anne Villahermosa, Closed captioning coordinator

English-ASL Interpreters: Gaitrie Persaud, Eric Larocque, Jaideep Goray, and Azad Najfi

Giulia Forsyth, Doodle art video production


Ann Gagné, Content editor

Kathyrn Willms, Copy editor

Sam McGeachy, Editor & Course library thematic design


Good Roots Consulting

Copyright & Licensing

Heather Buffet, Copyright Librarian