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Universal Design for Learning

Accessibility Statement

The UDL certificate has been designed with accessibility in mind by incorporating the following features:

Interactive Elements

There are several interactive elements used in the modules, including

A keyboard can be used to interact with each of these elements. Use the tab key to navigate between controls, and the space or enter key to activate a control.

Instructions can be found with each of the interactions that explains how the controls work.

Known Issues

Third Party Embeds

Embedded content from https://genial.lyOpens in a new window cannot be properly accessed with a keyboard, and screen-reader users may experience links with vague names. The content found inside the https://genial.lyOpens in a new window embed has been duplicated and shown alongside the embed to allow everyone the opportunity to experience it.

Drag and Drop

Users of screen readers may experience some difficulties using the drag and drop component.

Video Considerations

The YouTube video player component used presents a number of accessibility errors in automated testing. We continue to explore how this can be improved.