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Universal Design for Learning
Curriculum Considerations

Thinking ‘Bout Technology

When it comes to shifting instructors away from a narrow focus on the written transmission of knowledge, UDL is going to be central in this reflection and is going to encourage instructors to offer information and material to learners in flexible and diverse ways. This will increasingly include storytelling and oral transmission of knowledge through videos and podcasts, which can be embedded in our Learning Management System (LMS) platform with a fair degree of ease using technology.

Fovet, 2020

In an online learning environment, educators frequently utilize various live conferencing software to simulate the face-to-face learning environment of the classroom. Services and supports such as counselling, library services, and accessible learning services are more frequently available online through multimodal supports that include video calls, messaging, and online apps. Many students are located far from physical campuses, both locally and internationally, which makes the use of these kinds of technologies important to support engagement and to provide different ways in for learners. Joseph Aoun (2007) discusses a learning model for the future that includes technology literacy, data literacy, and human literacy:

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Engaging STEM: A Guide to Interactive ResourcesOpens in a new window (Chudaeva, 2021) supports digital literacy and global citizenship.

“To this regard, understanding the importance of diversity is essential to human literacy. If students are to be lifelong learners, they must engage with a diversity of perspectives, including ones that challenge their presuppositions. Only through the full and respectful inclusion of people from different backgrounds, identities, and creeds can we learn, cooperate, and create to our full potential.”

Forms of technology that allow students to be architects in their own digital learning are vital to helping them to become lifelong learners.

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