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Universal Design for Learning

Navigating the Course

A triangle with a white circle in the middle with the text “Asynchronous modules.” Each vertex or point of the triangle is a different colour and has its own title. The top vertex is labeled “Facilitated cohort,” the bottom right vertex is labeled “Learn more activities,” and the bottom left vertex is labeled “Community of practice.”

Asychronous Modules

The modules are presented in a sequential order. Each module’s content is predicted to take approximately two to three hours to complete. We anticipate that as adult learners, you will proceed in ways that coincide with your interests and learning goals. You will also spend time reflecting individually and engaging collaboratively with others as you both share and gain strategies to enhance your inclusive teaching and learning practice. At the core of the learning is the completion of four asynchronous modules, which include engagement, representation, and action/expression learning activities that guide you to the completion of the UDL certificate. Each multimodal module contains a variety of consistent features:

  • learning objectives mapped to related activities
  • prompts for personal and professional reflection
  • interactive activities to solidify learning and asynchronously engage with other learners
  • embedded glossary termsOpens in a new window, as well as a glossary that can be downloaded

The course aims to both explain and model the principles and practices of UDL, equityOpens in a new window, and inclusionOpens in a new window through a decolonization lens, as well as the development of a community of learning if you’re taking this course as part of a cohort. It encourages self-paced learning through open modules, and frequent self-reflection and learning check-ins. You can also download all materials at the end of each module for future reference (coming soon).


There are many ways you can extend and enhance your learning and engagement with UDL and other pedagogical principles. We have suggested and provided resources to support the following three enhancement opportunities. You may wish to:

  • engage with extended content and activities (labelled “Learn More” throughout the course), which are optional. These provide a deeper dive into some of the concepts and related learning presented in the modules. Throughout the main course content, many citations are hyperlinked to the original source where useful for further learning. These are also all recorded in the course’s LibraryOpens in a new window and linked in the downloadable pdfs of each module and the glossary
  • organize a facilitated cohort at your institution to move through the modules together and support each other’s learning
  • form a community of practiceOpens in a new window to continue your UDL work in a supported social environment following certificate completion
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